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Although MarketPro can no doubt provide big benefits for any business, there are a number of specific professions who will find this combo research/marketing tool to be downright indispensable.

Title Companies. While verifying property information during title processing can sometimes be tedious, MarketPro makes short work of it. The software also makes it simple to order additional services such as Certificates of Taxes Due. And if you really want to create added value for your customers, you can even offer them mailing lists that will help them pinpoint their customers.

“You can dig for the info you need. Or use MarketPro, and do it with one finger.”
Tim Glasgow, Empire Title North, LLC

Insurance Agents. Since MarketPro makes it possible to conduct property searches based upon what month a home was purchased, agents can quickly identify who’s due to renew their homeowners insurance. That way you can effectively eliminate waste by only direct mailing to homeowners who currently may be considering shopping around for more competitive coverage.

“Why shoot in the dark, when MarketPro can provide you with laser-like focus?”
Andrew Holloman, American Family Insurance

Realtors. With MarketPro, realtors can instantly generate an in-depth list of comparable sales surrounding a specific property. Plus, you can refine your list based upon a variety of building characteristics to determine an extremely accurate valuation of just how much the market will bear. And creating “Just Listed” cards to blanket surrounding neighbors couldn’t be much easier.

“With a few clicks, in a minute and a half, I can gather all the initial info I need.”
Eileen Carda, Property Sales, Inc.
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